Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Lovin' Mama

Our library has interlibrary loan. I just go on my computer and order any book from the surrounding libraries and it's sent to our local library for me to pick up. I love the library. I love books. When I was a little girl, we lived kitty-corner to our local library. I spent hours over there pouring over every book. I can remember signing 20-25 books out (picture books) and carrying them home - barely able to see over the stack in my arms - and reading them all that night. So you can imagine how I'd hoped and dreamed that my girls would share my love for reading.

Guess what? Last week, I picked up the girls from school. It was a Friday afternoon and sunny outside. They had spent all week in the classroom. We walked through the door of our house and I mentioned that I had stopped at the library and the books we had ordered had come in. (Now, our librarians know me so well that they sometimes order books just because they know my girls will enjoy them.) That day the ones we had ordered on interlibrary loan came in and the librarian brought me a couple fairy books and a couple Fancy Nancy books too. So when I brought these books out, you can imagine my pleasure, when all three girls grabbed the books they were interested in and proceeded to plop down on the couch or living room chair and READ. They read for at least an hour if not longer.

It was a beautiful sight to this book-lovin' mama. Just beautiful.

Eme reading Little House -
she especially loves Secret of Droon and Goosebumps books right now
Olivia loves Fancy Nancy and Olivia the pig

Abby loves to read the Daisy Meadow's Fairy series and the Nancy Drew books

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Mindy said...

I have the same memories. I loved being at that library,sitting at those little tables, and reading for hours on end. Still to this day one of my favorite pasttimes is sitting down with a good book.