Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun with the Grandparents

It has been much too long since I have last updated. I guess the winter doldrums have kept me from blogging - just nothing interesting to write about! But after looking through my pictures of the last few months, I've found quite a bit to blog about. :)

For Christmas, my parents give the girls a gift of a trip. For Eme and Abby, they went to the PA Farm Show again (they also did this last year.) The girls have a great time. They stay in a hotel - with a pool, (the best part!) And on the way home, they stopped at the hands-on children's museum in Lancaster. For Liv and Justin, my parents took them for a day trip to the children's museum in Lancaster also. Liv brought along her bff Sammi. They had a really fun time, with a stop at McD's playland on the way home.

My kids are so blessed to have grandparents who enjoy spending time and hanging out with them - or "spoiling" them, as the girls call it! I'm glad they can get to know their grandparents so well. This weekend, we are going to visit Garr's mom and I know the girls are really looking forward to it. Hopefully this summer, we will be able to go up to NY to visit Garr's dad. Our kids are so blessed to have the love of so many grandparents!!

Livia - dress up time

Silly Sam

Justin - driving the tractor

Liv gathering eggs

Ladybug Liv

Alligator Justin
Horsey Sammi

Justin picking corn

Sam and Liv feeding the pig

Eme with the horses

Eme on the Carousel

Abby dressing the scarecrow

Watching the ducklings get a drink and then go down the slide

Getting a drink

chicks hatching

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