Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daniel and Emelyn

I was going through our photos from the last couple months and found some I wanted to share with you. They all involved either Daniel, Emelyn, or the two of them together. It's actually quite fitting because I've been wanting to blog about them. Eme is a fantastic big sister. She loves her brother (she loves her sisters too, but the novelty has kind of worn off :) )

She just said to me the other day, "Mom, I'm so glad we have Daniel." The feeling is mutual. Every day that I pick her up from school, he throws himself into her arms as soon as he sees her. That just warms my heart! She is very patient with him and enjoys playing with him. I think they will have a special bond as they grow up - being the oldest and the youngest.

Daniel helping Emelyn do her homework
Hanging out with big sister -
so glad to have her home from school finally!

Emelyn had the day off from school last week due to pink eye. She decided it was both good and bad. She was happy to have a day off when she still felt well enough to do stuff. On the other hand, pink eye wasn't so great. :) At least we caught it early and it never got too bad.

She is so creative and loves to do crafts. She pulled out a scrapbook and decided to decorate the front of it and make it a BFF scrapbook - EO and KK. She painted and cut felt letters and glued and had a great time. I love that she is getting old enough to come up with projects like these on her own, to do them on her own, and to clean up on her own! (with just a little prompting...)


Daniel has a serious love affair with a big, purple dinosaur. I don't know how it started. He saw one video and he was hooked. Now anytime he walks into the living room, he picks up the remote and carries it to the closest adult. All the while pointing at the TV for Barney! He is mesmerized by these videos. It really is cute. Honestly, Barney doesn't bother me like it does some people. There are other baby shows that drive me much crazier. :) We did have to go out and pick up a couple different Barney ones though -- you can only listen to the same songs just so many times! This is the only movie he will sit still for. He tolerates Little People and Baby Signing Time, and that is it. Everything else he could care less about. But he loves Barney.

Sitting still for a few precious moments :)

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