Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We went to visit my MIL in VA this past weekend. My SIL came also with her little boy, Colton. It was her birthday on Sunday so we got to celebrate together. We had a fun time. The girls love to go there and Danny was enthralled with Mr. Buddy's kitties. I think these were the first animals Daniel has been around and he was so excited. He even makes a special sound for the kitties - it kind of resembles a hiss - hmmm, wonder where he got that from? :) We were able to go to the beach. The girls insisted on wearing their swimsuits and wading in the water. At first Daniel didn't like the sand at all, but after a few minutes, he was walking all over the beach and having a great time.

Colton having fun eating pizza
Still enjoying the pizza

Garr and Liv

Mom Linda and her foster son, Ricky

Amy carrying Cole after he fell down


Daniel, Garr, and I
Olivia having fun running in and out of the waves
"The crew"

Mom Linda and Buddy
My handsome man

"Uncle" Ricky :)
Colton jumping for joy :)
Daniel checking out the view
Look at that!

My beach babes - Abby, Eme, and Liv


Sami and Justin said...

Was the water really cold? I remember Liv's first beach trip she kept wanting to eat the sand. lol. Great picture! see you on thursday.

Linda said...

I was so glad that you all came to visit. It was the best! I am looking forward to the next time we visit. I think that the girls will come up with some good ideas for our next visit. I was thinking about getting a small pool for the girls. Buddy was thinking about getting a hot tub. I had to laugh.