Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For the Rocky fans out there...

Our "puppy" Rocky is now 15 months old and 115 lbs. He had a trip to the vet the other day where they did x-rays (having some hip problems we think.) The vet told my husband that Rocky is still not full grown - he has another 9 months of growing to do! yikes! :) He also has double ear infections and has been keeping us up some at night with his whining. I thought I'd share some recent photos of him for those of you who are in love (GINA!) If you're not a fan of Rocky, feel free to skip this post :)

Well even, if you're not a Rocky fan, this picture is sure to melt your heart.
Liv spent almost 2 weeks gated in her room after we got Rocky
(she was a bit scared of dogs!)
Now though she is absolutely in love - hugging and kissing on him.
(note that his head looks bigger than hers! lol)

Rocky absolutely loves Garr and I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
Notice - there will be NO photos of me kissing Rocky included in this post,
so don't hold your breath waiting for them! lol
Rocky is definitely NOT allowed on my bed.
However, we do let him get on the girls' beds if they want him to.
And Emelyn especially enjoys a good Rocky snuggle.
Here she is camped out on Great Gma's rollaway in the homeschool room.

Rocky is very social and loves having "friends" over.
Here he is with Rebel, Garr's co-worker's dog.
Note the mud they are lounging in.
And Garr wondered why I flipped out when I was mopping
and heard the dogs come running into the house! lol
Rebel is a great dog and we love having him come visit!
a typical Rocky face - he almost looks cute here :)
hanging out upstairs while Garr builds a room for the girls.
Rocky loves to be right under your feet no matter what you are doing!


Tarah said...

I like your dog. (and i'm the same way about kissing my dog and letting him on my bed.)

Anonymous said...

want him, love him, want him...he is too adorable! Thanks for the update! oh yeah- love the kid pics too!

Advance said...

Dogs are the best! Love the boxer! We sure love ours to pieces and the kids too! I hate to admit it, but they get on all our beds!!! Your little boy is getting so big! Loved the pictures!!!

DOW FAMILY said...

oh my, I was logged into my work account Jess, I am "Advance" lol. I forgot to log into my own account.