Monday, May 3, 2010

Abby's 9th Birthday

Our second born daughter, Abby, recently celebrated her 9th birthday! The celebration was drawn out over 2 weeks - starting with a small sleepover with 2 close friends (and no sisters!,) followed the next week by her actual bd and dinner out at Applebee's, and then a family party the day after. Not to mention a fishing trip with Grandad the morning after her bd. This girl sure knows how to party!

Abby is a very smart, caring girl who loves to laugh and be silly. She likes to read and write almost as much as she loves to play video games with her cousin, basketball with her dad, and go fishing with Grandad. She is very unselfish and quick to compromise, often giving up what she wants for her sisters or friends. She is very excited and interested in missions. We recently began sponsoring a child in India and she cannot wait to get a letter and pictures mailed out!

Abby's name "Abigail" means "a Father's delight!" And she is definitely a delight, to both her father and mother. Part of the reason we chose this name is because when I found out I was pregnant with her (just 10 short months after delivering her big sister and just 2 days after taking a promotion to management in my job) I sat down at the kitchen table and cried. When I told her dad later that day, he sat at the same kitchen table and cried...with delight. He was so excited to be getting another baby! Well, she has certainly turned out to be a delight to us all. And I have no doubt, she is a delight to her Heavenly Father as well. We love you, Abby!

"Abby, Did you catch any fish?"
"No,but Grandad caught 3 ....
Well, he caught the same fish 3 times anyways!"

Abby practicing fishingin our driveway...
she's a natural!

Looking behind her so she doesn't hit anyone!
When Grandad arrives, Abby says...
"Umm, Grandad, you have something on your hat."
"I know, it's my fishing license. You have to display it where it can be seen."
"Oh. You can't, like, pin it to your shirt or something?"
"Abby, are you embarrassed to be seen with me?"
"Umm, no Grandad, no."
At Applebee's - the waiters sang to Abby - she loved it!
Garr, Emelyn, and Liv
The Birthday Girl!

Abby opening gifts

Daniel was the first to try out Abby's new scooter --
he's only a bit spoiled!

Ice cream cake with friends
Crazy girls!


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J Ann said...

Oh my goodness! How are they growing up so fast? Beautiful family Jessa!