Friday, May 14, 2010

Some guy fun

The guys in my life love things that have wheels, loud motors, and that break/chop/cut really strong items down to size. Imagine their excitement over this... a new log splitter!

Our main (or I should say only) source of heat is our wood stoves. Garr installed both of these this year and we love them. We love watching the flames and feeling the heat. I don't love cleaning up the dust and wood chips but... they do save us a lot on heating costs. So I get over it. :) Garr knows some people who offered for Garr to cut down some trees so we get our wood for free. Well, it doesn't cost money, but it does cost a lot of time and muscle. Thankfully, my husband has muscle. (Time is another subject!) The past year though, he has been wishing and hoping for a log splitter. However anytime we saw one for sale, it was either too much money or sold before we got ahold of the people. Recently, we found one! We called and we went that night to look at it. And we towed it home. And we got a practically (used once) new splitter at a large savings!!

I was pleased.... and the men in our family were in heaven.

Daniel was nervous at first, but when he saw that it wasn't too loud (he's the only guy that doesn't appreciate the noise... but I have a feeling that will come with time!) he was quick to try it out. He liked putting smaller pieces of wood (bark) on top of the log Garr was splitting. Garr even let him use the lever and the boy was mesmerized!

So even though I'm loving the muscles that chopping wood has given my hubby (along with the hard work of training he does,) I'm happy for him. He has a new toy tool and it will save him a lot of time and effort keeping our house warm in the winter.

All 3 of my guys - Garr, Danny, and Dad

Man, can that thing cut through a chunk of wood!
It really is amazing.

Daniel after adding his "log."
He is a very "careful" boy.
(sigh of relief)

Trying it out

putting the lever back up - see big sis helping out :)
All done.
Wiping the dirt off his hands :)
Pleased with a job well done.

Daniel was also amazed by the hitch.
He was very interested in it.
The next day he wanted Garr to hitch the splitter back up
and take it for another drive! :)

Apparently he was very into
the arm crossing thing that night! lol

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Anonymous said...

Oh my cute is Daniel!! Loved the tough guy look with the arms crossed!