Monday, May 10, 2010

A new Playset

We spent Mother's Day weekend picking up and putting together a new playset for the kids. We were very blessed to get an awesome deal on an Amish built swingset through my mom's work. We picked it up from her office. I so wish I'd brought my camera. The tower of the set was SO heavy. Garr thought it might help to use the forklift. My mom said "That's fine - do you know how to drive one?" I thought I heard Garr say yes as he walked away from her. I looked at her and laughed - "Ok let's see! Garr is famous for saying he can do something (that he has never done before) and pulling it off!" Sure enough, he drove that forklift like a pro. :) Over and over, I'm reminded how blessed I am to have such a handy husband!

We finally got the set loaded, stopped for lunch, and then headed home. We got almost all of it together that day (and when I say "we" I mean dad and Garr!) Only the roof of the tower and the sandbox were left for Sunday. So Sunday morning, we went to church, and stopped for some supplies on the way home. We had a yummy Mom's Day lunch (Garr grilled the chicken and Ken and Dad did the dishes!!) and then finished up the playset. I love how park-like our yard is getting. It is such a blessing, this house of ours!
Garr getting started
Giving orders :)
A Happy Boy!!

There were no directions
(I doubt the guys would have read them if there had been!) lol
But the picture definitely came in handy...

Daniel was a big help -
he loves to get right in the middle and use the tools :)
First time sliding down!!
apprehensive but excited
too bad this photo is blurry, I still like it a lot!
Me helping
Mom helping
I do love the photos we get when I hand Abby the camera :)
Dad studying the picture :)
This is awesome!!!

Here it is all together!
We added the sand underneath and it is a big hit!
Kenny helping out
Eme monkeying around
Liv making sand creations and ....
holding them against her shirt?
Garr and Eme
Katie, Mom, Dad, and Ken
My nephew Justin
Rocky and Eme

Garr and I


Kiki said...

Jess.....stumbled upon your blog as I was reading other blogs...just wanted to say that your family is beautiful and you are so blessed.


Kiki said...

Jess....thanks for the comments about my purses. I love your sewing work also. How long have you been sewing? I had done it for a while years ago and just started getting back into it. I love it too. It's nice to have a creative outlet. Yeah, Brian is 25 years old tomorrow. Where does the time go? Again, your family is beautiful...congratulations and blessings. You look and sound so happy. Do you have an e-mail you want to share? Keep in touch. Kiera

Difference2This1 said...

Looks like there will be many fun times on this playset! What a blessing to have it!! :)