Monday, May 16, 2011

Boys and their Toys!

Daniel is all boy. The kids LOVES anything with wheels or scoops or power. :) Recently our neighbors had some large trees cut down. We were sad, because two of the trees were great shade trees for our house, yard, and driveway. But we understood - the trees were getting old and branches came down every storm. On the plus side, they gave us most of the wood! I'll have to get a picture of the huge pile in front of our barn that is waiting for Garr to cut, split, and stack! It is much appreciated as wood heat is our only heat! We have rarely had to pay for wood. Garr is very resourceful and does things like put ads on Craigslist for people who have trees down in their yards that they want removed. He goes and cuts them up and takes them away for people and we have free heat! :) He also has a friend who has a lot of acreage and they spend time working together cutting wood.

So back to Daniel. The other positive was my boy got to sit and watch men work with power tools and bucket trucks and tractors ... to his heart's content. Nothing better for a little boy.

Here is the wood we were given -
you can see how big the chunks of wood are
compared to our recycle bin!

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