Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Garden

Here you can see the orchard,
the smaller melon/berry garden (L shaped) and
closest, part of the big garden
The rest of the big garden
The last part of the big garden,
our chicken coop, barn, and back of the house
Dad ducking for the sprinkler :)
Green things growing!!!

We planted a garden this Spring. Not just a little, bitty garden either. A BIG garden! I'm so thankful for my parents and their gardening experience. There's no way we would have pulled any of this off without them. The main garden is quite large and we've planted corn, peas (2 varieties), beans, onions, scallions, radishes, carrots, lettuce (2 varieties), peppers, and tomatoes. There might be more, but I can't remember :) In the second garden, we have lots of strawberries! We've already gotten to taste them and they are SO good - definitely make the store bought taste like nothing! The third section of garden has melons, pumpkins, potatoes, and cucumbers. I can't remember if mom was able to fit the zucchini and squash. :) We also have 8 fruit trees planted - apples and peaches. We planted blueberry bushes (two of the four look very sad and I'm not sure if they will make it!) And for beauty, we've planted a pink dogwood tree in the front yard and two lilac bushes out back. We are hoping to do lots and lots of freezing and canning to help supplement during the coming winter. :)

The gate has to stay latched to keep Rocky from digging monster holes in the garden :)
The kids enjoy climbing over it!
Dad and Mom working
Great Grandma came for a month long visit.
She got to enjoy the sunshine and watch the grandkids play.
We loved having her here.
Livy labeling the row markers.
Can you tell who was hard at "work" here?
Dad did a lot of rototilling and
working on the rototiller this Spring!
The girls found quite a bit of broken pottery and bits in the garden -
rather like their own archeology dig!
They had fun examining the pieces and
trying to figure out where they came from.
Daniel works hard emptying our buckets
as we fill them with weeds!
Mom weeding with the girls
lovely Livia
Dad mowing the perimeter so Abby could mow the inside :)
Daniel trying to feed a worm to the chickens
Abby - working hard weeding
working together
Dad talking with Daniel over the gate
Mom and Liv working together
some rows of greenery coming up! sans weeds!


Difference2This1 said...

It looks great!!! You have so much coming up already...very cool!! :)

Wonder woman...sorta said...

I love these pictures and how involved your whole family is in farming! I hope you have a great harvest. :)