Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter, Baptism, and Birthdays

We had a busy, fun Easter weekend this year. Abby's 10th birthday was the day before Easter and her party Easter afternoon. Olivia was baptized on Easter morning. We got to meet Nathan and Peter, the Logue's newly adopted boys, on Easter morning. Easter afternoon and evening we spent as a family working in the garden. Easter day was finished off with dinner to Ihop. Super nice day indeed!

Olivia had to have a "chat" with Grandad re. baptism. Dad does this with all his baptism candidates to make sure they understand what they are doing. So Olivia says to Grandad at the dinner table "Da-dad, I want to be baptized." He says "ok," and she seems to think the deal is done. I mention to her that she still has to talk with Grandad about the baptism. She gives me this look like "Are you kidding me? I just told him - what more is there to talk about?" SO Olivia! lol

So Dad sits down at the table with Olivia after dinner. He begins to talk to her about baptism and what it means and she interrupts him and says, "It's like when you go under the water, you are dying with Christ, and when you come up, you are a new person." Ummm, yeah, exactly.Dad and I just look at each other and smile. I asked Olivia how she knew that. She gave us the "duh" look and said Grandad just taught on that in Sparks (AWANA) a few weeks ago. Well! I guess she was listening! After that she said, "Is that it? I thought we had to talk for awhile?" Grandad shrugs and says, "Well, there's nothing to talk about - you already understand." Livy just beamed us a smile and ran off to play. Too cute!

Olivia, with 2 of her bffs, the Logue girls, who were also baptized

The birthday girl!
Waiting for the homemade ice cream cake!
Silly cousins - Justin and Livia
Jen Logue with Nathan
One of the oldest Logue sisters with Peter
Easter morning
Daniel all decked out in Easter finery
Just waking up on Easter morning
The girls - Easter morning

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