Thursday, May 12, 2011


Daniel checking out the chicken door :)
Abby cuddling one of the chicks
The white leghorns as babies
Eme peeking through the chicken door
Abby and Daniel settling the chicks in

We decided to get chickens this year. We like the fresh eggs and the girls are excited to have yet another pet. :) So yes, some of the chickens have received names... such as Cheeseburger, Nugget, etc. LOL They have decided if we get a rooster, he will be called Big Mac. :) One particularly sweet and friendly white chicken has earned the name Matilda.

We first bought 6 white leghorn pullets. They have all thrived and are getting big. They have learned to go in at night and roost (which makes putting them in at night a whole lot easier, let me tell you!) Then we bought 10 of a Rhode Island Red variety. Unfortunately one of the chicks died in the first week. Then another chick was lost (we think taken by a hawk) one evening. We had originally thought the hawk had gotten two chicks, but Garr found one chirping and scurrying around the barn the next day. It must have just gotten lost. We do have them fenced in but the babies could (and daily do) squeeze through the fence and run around until we herd them back in. Which is highly interesting with Rocky running around! (not really - he has caused lots of screaming and a little cussing around these parts lately!)

The kids do great with caring for the chickens. My parents bought the chicken coop we have and the chickens seem very happy in it. :) The kids get them fresh food and water each day and spend time playing with them. Yesterday they cleaned out the coop but said it was no big deal. :) I love my kids - they are such hard workers and rarely any complaints.

Last week, they proclaimed that they love this house, this garden, the chickens, and they don't ever want to move. So there you go. :)

White Leghorn - around 2 mo old
Rhode Island Red - around 1 mo old

The coop
The White Ladies roosting
The white leghorns as babies
A better view of the inside
Abby talking to the chickens
Another angle of the coop
The white ladies around 1 mo old
My girls - probably feeding them worms

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