Thursday, May 8, 2008

Abigail's 7th Birthday, April 23, 2008

Abby had a great birthday. She chose to have an afternoon out with just Mommy and Daddy (and Daniel!) rather than a "friends party." We had such a great time! We went bowling and Abby beat both of us the second game! The people working there were so great. We intended to buy lunch there, but the grill was closed when we got there. When we inquired about ordering in a pizza, they offered to make it for us and gave us a pitcher of Sprite (the only soda Abby likes) on the house. Then we asked if we could purchase a bowling pin as a souvenir for Abby. They gave her one, complete with Happy Birthday stickers, balloons, and 2 goody bags (which Abby gave to her sisters since they couldn't come with us - very sweet). After bowling and pizza, we went to Picadilly Castle - a local playground. Abby and Garr ran around and played, while Danny hung out with me in the Moby Wrap. Then we walked the grounds and I let Abby take pictures with our camera. She actually took some nice ones of Garr and I - we almost never get pictures of us together!

After the playground, we came home to pick up Eme and Liv from school. Then we had a family party for Abby that evening. I made macaroni and cheese (her choice!) and hot dogs for dinner. Abby had helped me make her birthday cake that morning. Actually, I helped her! She made it herself, I just supervised. She loves to cook/bake. So she had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Barbie decorations. Then finally, she was able to open her presents (she waited patiently all day long!). She got a Nintendo DS from us, along with a game. Then we gave her the quilt I was making. She was so excited. I had her journal a few days later for school --- "My favorite birthday gift is..." I thought for sure she would write her DS. But she finished it with "the quilt my mommy made for me." I was so surprised and happy.

Here are many pictures from our day. Happy Birthday, Abby!
"Good morning, Birthday Girl!"

Abby and her bowling pin

Watching Abby bowl

All tuckered out
Emelyn, Olivia, Abby, and Justin
Abby and her quilt


Chaplain Sam said...

I knew she was a smart kid...chocolate cake with chocolate icing! :-)

Happy birthday Abby!!

Sam & Margaret

DOW FAMILY said...

Happy birthday Abby. Looks like a fun day for everyone. time flies! I love her red hair. what a cutie, and danny is getting so big...pudgy. Love checking your blog. Isn't blogging great!