Thursday, May 8, 2008

A kind word spoken

A letter to the editor, Smyrna/Clayton Sun Times
Wednesday May 7, 2008
Smyrna Police show compassion
by Joan MacKnight, Smyrna
Several weeks ago our next door neighbor died during his sleep. His daughter had forgotten her key so she called the police department to gain entry to her father's house. Officer Garr Owens was the first on the scene and immediately comforted the daughter and asked permission to gain entry using the least intrusive way. Throughout the evening other police personnel were on the scene, but Officer Owens kept the daughter informed of everything that was happening.
I witnessed Officer Owens be caring, sensitive and very informative during a very emotional time. Many times that the police were involved with the Bon Ayre community they were helpful and caring and we are thankful for their services.