Sunday, May 25, 2008

Olivia's PreK Graduation

Olivia "gad-u-a-ted" from preschool last Wednesday. It was such a beautiful little ceremony. The teachers and staff did a wonderful job. She attended a local Catholic church every afternoon, 5 days a week, for preschool. It was such a great experience. The teachers were wonderful and they did so many fun things. We were sad to see the year end.

The graduation was a very special event. They started out in the sanctuary, filing in wearing their robes. They went up front and sang some really cute songs. Their teacher read a poem to them. Then they received their "diplomas." At the end, they filed out to the traditional graduation song.

Then we went into the fellowship hall where they had a table set up for each child's family. At the table were many momentos. They showed a slideshow of pictures that were taken throughout the year set to music. The first song they played was "Let them be Little." It made me cry. It was so cute to see the kids getting excited and laughing together as they remembered things they had done during the year. There were some really cute pictures of Liv on there. The teachers also handed out prizes to each of the kids. Olivia received the "Fashion-plate" Award. Very fitting! She loves clothes, shoes, makeup, and fun hairstyles. Having 4 kids, I've learned to choose my battles! So she has a lot of lienancy in what she wears. She is so cute!

Garr and I were a bit teary eyed at the end of the night. After this, I know high school graduation will be here before we know it. We are just trying to "let them be little" and enjoy them while we can!

Olivia and Sammi in their graduation outfits!

Olivia and classmates
Olivia walking down the aisle - I couldn't get my camera to take the picture soon enough!

Olivia and little league buddy, JD
Livy LOVED the fruit punch - when it ran out, she kept asking until she found someone to refill it! She looked at me, giggling, and said, "It has SPRITE in it, Mommy!"

Olivia's class
Olivia getting her diploma

Our table
One of the mom's from the class cross-stitched each child's handprints.
This is such a precious gift!
Olivia and Adella (her mom did the handprints!)
Olivia and her teachers, Mrs K and Mrs H

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