Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really nice Memorial Day weekend. Garr had to work nights all weekend, though. So Friday night, the girls and I went to the mall. We did a little clothes shopping and then all 3 girls got their ears pierced!!! It was a last minute decision so I didn't have my camera with me. I was so relieved to see a girl from our youth group (she also babysits for us occasionally) working at Claire's. It was late - Danny was getting fussy (I was trying to get him to sleep in his wrap)and I wasn't sure how the girls would do. So it was great to have someone we know to do the piercings - plus, it's kind of scary to let a perfect stranger take a needle gun to your child's head!! The girls did great. Liv cried and we thought she was going to change her mind, but she did it in the end - what a brave girl!

On Monday, we joined Mom and Dad at Denton Camp for a picnic. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Lynn were down from PA so we got to see them also. The girls got to go for a paddleboat ride on the lake. We took walks and Garr tried to get some sleep in the ever-receding shade. We played Yahtzee (I won!) and roasted marshmallows. The girls didn't want to leave! (neither did we)

Abby and her new earrings
Emelyn showing off her earrings
Daniel - tuckered out!
Don't you just want to kiss these sweet toes?

On the paddleboat - Eme in front, Abby and Liv are in back


Sarah said...

They all look so grown up with their pierced ears! I have contemplated getting Juli's done since she was born. Maybe I'll do both at once someday. We'll see! Any tips?

DOW FAMILY said...

I was just considering doing Grace's ears, now that she is 5! They do grow up fast...cherish those times that they want to snuggle and hug! How did the girls handle the pain?? you recommend Claires? I might take her some day here:)