Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farm Trip

I have not had a chance to update the blog much so today I am adding quite a few events from the last month. I think it was April when we took this trip to the farm. We went with Olivia's preschool class. The farm is called Hickory Hills and it has many animals. There were pigs, a horse, lots of goats, cows, and even fish! The children went to different stations to learn all about the farm. What a great trip! Here are some photos:

Livy and Abby checking out the goats and tractors

This hay loft brought back some major childhood memories for me! I used to love going to Uncle Leland's farm (my mom's childhood home) and playing in the hayloft with my cousins. Of course, we inevitably played hide-n-seek or "guns!" (Can you tell I was the only girl?)

Checking out the pool of fish - tilapia!

Watching chicks hatch

Posing with the cows!

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Lauren G said...

What a ham Olivia has become. It is so great to see your girls all grown up! We have to get together soon!