Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Favorite Songs

Well, Garr and I each have a new "favorite song." I am loving Billy Dean's "Let Them Be Little." This was played at Olivia's preschool graduation and I tear up every time. It is so hard to watch my babies grow up! I want them to stay little, so I am trying to enjoy every moment! (speaking of, Eme just came out and asked me to snuggle with her before she goes to sleep, so I will be going in there as soon as I finish this up.)

Garr's is "I'm Still a Guy" by Brad Paisley. This song will just crack you up. Paisley is a great songwriter. Anyways, Garr can relate to this one, as many of you guys will!

Both of these songs are on my playlist at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down and click to listen. Just wanted to share! =]

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Sarah said...

"I'm still a guy" has been cracking me up lately :) We are both definitely married to "guys", aren't we? We love 'em like that.
Jordan has been wanting to get ahold of Garr lately - did he get the message Jordan left last week? Jordan just wanted to make sure he got it - he'd love to hear from him whenever. Phone or email are both good.