Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas 2009 Photos

I never did share any Christmas 2009 photos because our computer was "under the weather." So considering that it looks like it should be Christmas outside right now, I thought I'd share them. That and I don't feel like watching UFC with Garr right now and I'm waiting for Daniel to stop yelling from his crib and go to sleep. So this gives me something to do in the meantime. Cause I'm too tired to start anymore cleaning tonight. Oh but that reminds me - I need to switch the laundry. So I guess I'll go do that while these photos load. (Fair Warning: there are a LOT of photos!) :)

We woke up one morning to our ceiling leaking. Garr had already left for work. Thankfully his boss let him come home. Here he is (in uniform - note the stripe and the gun belt - lol) scraping ice off our roof. I'm sure people driving by may have looked twice!
Of course the water was falling right beside our tree! Our tree skirt was soaked!

The only photo I was able to get of all 4 kids together.
Abby, Livy, and nephew Cole!
Daniel rockin' his conductor's cap and VA Beach Choo-Choo shirt!
Mom Linda, Buddy, and the fam celebrating Christmas
Daniel - not posing for pictures with his sisters like he was supposed to!
Livy after Aunt Amy dolled her all up!
Liv rockin' her pink Emu boots from Grandpa Jef!
My girls - not too thrilled at getting their photos taken
See? This is what happens when Mommy starts making threats for smiles!
Abby, age 8
Emelyn, age 10 (gasp!)
Livy, age 6 (tears all dried up)
Daniel being a goof
This is what Daniel was doing while I was trying to get photos of the kids - flipping from the chair over the back of the couch. Yes, he did end up on the floor once, but he didn't care. BOYS!
Daniel in his adorable Christmas jammies staring at his new train table. He just walked around it and stared for the longest time. I'm sure it was quite confusing to him to wake up to a room full of toys and gifts! He shook it off though and dug in! lol
Daniel checking out his train backpack and gifts from Grandpa Jef
Reading a Thomas book with Grandad (note what's on TV in the background.)
This kid can't get enough trains!

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J Ann said...

What a beautiful family you have! And spunky! Love it!