Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our big boy

Daniel and I went to his speech evaluation this past week. It went well. I was amazed to discover how very smart and talented my boy really is. :) Even though he barely speaks, he answered her many questions, built tall towers, blew bubbles, said the word "bubbles!" (which shocked this mama!), matched colors, and completed puzzles. He was checked by a dr., and aside from having some concerns over needing more oral stimulation, is perfectly healthy. All in all, he is super smart and although delayed in his speech, "he'll catch on soon enough," was the general consensus. The changes we need to make here? Let him grow up. Take away the pacifier and bottle (my only child to have these past the age of 18 mo), and make him say the words of the things he wants (rather than just giving them to him after he points.)

So when we left the office, I very gently told my boy that he is, in fact, a big boy now. And then I broke the news to him that we left his pacifier behind with the lady in the office. He cried, and it broke my heart. When we got to the car, I asked him which video he'd like to watch? He pointed and grunted and although I knew which one he wanted, I made him say the word before I would start it. and he did, his version of the word, but he did try to say it.

We decided to take away the pacifier and wean him off the bottle (which he gets at naps and bedtime.) Apparently, he's taken me seriously as I've whispered in his ear so many times over the past few days, what a big boy he really is now. And so, he has stopped taking naps. We are on day 3 of no naps, but bedtime? That is going fabulously. After two initial nights of crying, he seems to have forgotten all about his pacifier. Now weaning from the bottle, we'll see how that goes. But I have hope that it will be fine. That he will believe me when I tell him he is too big for it, and he will continue to grow faster than I am ready for. And I'm going to have to let him. And celebrate every milestone.

And the words? They're coming, slowly. He signs most words, and is struggling to say others. But I have no doubt the words will be along shortly. He's such a big boy now.

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DOW FAMILY said...

Jess. Your kids are so big!! Daniel is so adorable. I don't think Isaac said hardly anything until he was past 2 years. Boys are so different than girls! They are too busy to chat:) Serioulsy!