Friday, February 12, 2010

Toy Nostalgia

My kids are growing up, slowly but surely! Actually some seem to be growing up faster than others (Eme)! And lately, I've found myself having some toy nostalgia. :) Toys that my older girls played with when they were little - wishing we still had them. At the time (as they outgrew the toys) I'm sure that either A) pieces were lost or B) I was sick and tired of the toy :) so we gave most of them away or sold them in sales. We weren't expecting Daniel - we were "done" and so I got rid of the "baby toys." Now, though, there are a few toys I'm wishing we kept.

We were at this awesome toy store a few weeks back and I came upon this little gem. I loved these eggs - there are shapes on the bottom that you match with the carton, faces to match, and colors. Lots of learning. I can remember the girls enjoying them so much. I don't know what happened to our egg carton (probably both A and B.) Anyways, we were there to buy a bd gift for a friend, but I couldn't resist picking these up for Daniel. So now we have a set. And believe me, I'll be hanging onto these for the next child grandchildren. (and btw, I didn't pay as much for them as Amazon is selling them for!)For Christmas when Eme was a toddler, and Abby was almost a toddler :), Emelyn received this tea set from Garr's Grandmother and Aunt. We loved it. I have photos of Eme having tea parties with it. Abby loved chewing on the spoons. I can't remember why we no longer have it - I think we lost some pieces. I may have gotten really tired of the song "I'm a little teapot." :) But now that my girls are basically "too old" for a tea set? I'm really missing this toy. I'm thinking about snatching one up - just because. You know Olivia might not be too old yet - her birthday will be coming up this summer. What do you think - is 7 too old for a tea set?
And this one, is from MY childhood. It is one of the books that I owned. I loved books so much and this was one of my favorites. I have looked and looked for this book since then. I found it on Amazon. They want $30 bucks for it!!! Can you believe it? SO should have held on to this one!

So am I the only one out there with toy nostalgia? Anyone else have fond memories of certain toys?

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