Monday, February 8, 2010

A Poem by Emelyn

For Christmas, Emelyn wrote and framed poems for some of her family. This child has a gift! Not only is she excellent at writing poetry, but she can pinpoint a person's personality and portray it in words SO well (with humor!)! We had a lot of laughs reading through her poems on Christmas morning. Today, I'll share the one she wrote for me. Maybe later I'll share some of the other poems also.

It's Thursday! Oh me oh my!
I have to bake a pie,
Gotta do school with the girls,
Oh no, the dog's chasing squirrels!
We're late for co-op,
Can't let the kids grow up,
Wait! What's that you say?
It's only Monday.
This is so me. Always have too many things that I am trying to do at once. Always running behind. Always wishing my kids would stay young. Always aggravated with the dog! and then I find out...I don't even have the day of the week right! She totally pinned me. Hilarious. What a girl!


Pink Slippers said...

It was great you stopped by my blog. I appreciate your comment about wanting more children. We live on 1 income while we also pioneer a church which we receive no income from yet. Like you, we home school too. Trusting God about it all has really stretched me and my faith. We live on a budget and sometimes we go over but God has really helped us through it all. God bless you and your family!

Mikaela said...

Great Job, Emelyn! I always knew you'd be a terrific writer. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you!