Sunday, February 7, 2010

More about the Blizzard

Olivia has been staying at Justin's this weekend. I'm sure it's been nice for the two of them to have each other to play with. However, we're ready for her to come home (and I'm sure K&K are too lol.) Normally our neighbor plows our driveway out for us (I say normally, but we've only needed it plowed twice this winter...and even that is a LOT for DE) Today he is busy plowing his contracts and so Garr headed out to shovel us out. We don't actually own a snow shovel. So he was out there with a garden shovel and Abby and I joined him with rakes. Then Abby had the bright idea of using a dustpan. I'll tell you that sitting in 2 feet of snow "shoveling" with a dustpan brought back memories. Memories of when we lived in El Paso TX and I would stare in shock at women cutting their grass with scissors! Scissors! I'd never seen anything like it before. I wonder if that's what our neighbors (who were all out shoveling with snow shovels) were thinking of us this morning. lol!

After a while, we got in touch with our plowing neighbor. He has an extra shovel that he said we were welcome to use (he was still out plowing accounts at this time.) Garr asked me (probably because I am being SO helpful with my dustpan at this point!) to go over and get the shovel off the neighbor's porch. Now we are at the front of our driveway and the road from our house to our neighbor's is plowed. But I decide to walk in 2 feet of snow, around the back of the house, out around the fence that runs between our houses, and back up to his porch. Can I just say that was the dumbest thing I have done in a long time!?! Apparently since it has been almost 7 years since I have lived up north, I have forgotten what it feels like to walk through snow. Not only that, but walking through snow that is 2 feet deep when you are only 5 feet tall is, shall we say, NOT EASY! I seriously had to stop and catch my breath a couple of times. I wondered if Garr or the neighbors would hear me if I had to call for help. I weighed in my head whether I wanted to finish the walk to the porch or completely embarass myself by calling for help! I finished the walk. And then I took the plowed road to get home. :)

Well, now we are finally inside, toasty warm and dry! We just finished eating some chicken taco soup and playing a game of Rummicub. I'm trying to decide if I want to start a new quilt (here's a link to the one I'm toying with -- Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt,) do a puzzle with Emelyn, or start reading a new book (while lounging on the couch while Garr watches TV.) It all sounds fabulous! A little later we'll be settling in to watch the Superbowl - GO SAINTS! (that's for you Bud-man! :) ) And hopefully one of the local stores will get some shovels in before the next storm is supposed to hit on Tuesday. Ahhh!

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Linda said...

How did the kids like the snow? I realize that I might be a party pooper, but I don't like the snow anymore. However, I loved reading about your calamity. Thank you for sharing. Love you, the other Mom