Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our boy is definitely two. Lots of independence, snuggling, and tantrums. :) Here are a few photos of our boy in January/February.

Our kids have always enjoyed books, and Daniel is no different. He gets very excited over books with trains or trucks in them especially.

Daniel is all about wearing his sister's winter hats around the house. Try to put one of his own on and it's a no-go. But if he's seen his sister wearing it, he loves to sport it --- but only inside. Why in the world would he wear a winter hat (or gloves!) outdoors?

All snuggled up watching Thomas, Barney, or Bob the Builder most likely.

A few of his favorite things... trains, trains, and trucks. Here his sister's have lined them up on the windowsill for him. I do believe he has the best seat in the house.

Emelyn lets her bunny, Honey, run around in her bedroom. I walked past the door one day and looked down to see DANIEL sitting INSIDE the bunny's cage! It was really too funny. I ran to get the camera but he got out before I made it back. (yes, he's our 4th child if you haven't noticed yet! lol) Later that evening, we were watching a movie with the girls. I noticed that Daniel wasn't in the room with us AND he was being awfully quiet. I decided to enjoy the moment and deal with the inevitable mess later. :) See below! The girls found him like this and starting hollering "We have a dalmation in the house!" too funny ... and yes it was washable marker. So Daniel was both a bunny and a dog that day. :)
(Can you tell he didn't want me to take his photo?...)

Meet Bob (or Ba-ub) as Daniel says it

When I was pregnant with Daniel, I took the girls to Build a Bear, and we made a bear for Daniel. They each made a wish on a little heart and tucked it inside the bear for their brother. This bear has been in Daniel's crib since he was born. It used to play a lullaby, but it had to be washed a time or two and so the lullaby no longer plays. But he loves it already. (and so does Rocky, as you can see by looking at it's chewed ear!) Anyways, it has been heartwarming to see Daniel loving this bear. He carries it around and pushes it in his sister's stroller (or in his Tonka dump truck!) The other day, I came into his room to see Daniel standing outside (but looking inside) his crib, yelling, "Ba-ub! Ba-ub!" Apparently he wanted to Bob to come out and play.


J Ann said...

What a fun guy! Thanks for sharing his adventurous little spirit!

Difference2This1 said...

What a busy boy!!!