Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Visit

Garr's Grandpa Dan, Aunt Shirl, and cousin Cindy stopped by last Sunday morning on their way home from visiting his mom in VA. It has been years since we have seen Grandpa and Aunt Shirl. It was SO nice to catch up with them, even for a few minutes. We are hoping to make it up north for a visit this summer!! It is long overdue!

Our family with Grandpa -
Daniel wasn't so thrilled about getting his picture taken! lol

Aunt Shirl - Rocky was in love with her :)
Cindy!! ~ who promised to come back in the Spring and do family photos for me!
YAY! She is an awesome photographer ~ can't wait!
Garr Daniel and Grandpa Dan -
from the looks Grandpa is making some kind of smart remark :)
Garr and Grandpa


Linda said...

good photos Jessa. Ya did a great job!
Love you the other Mom

Linda said...

it does look like grandpa is saying something smart like he does, but it looked like Garr was enjoying it too. they can be very silly together. Love you